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“Baile Para Un Sueño”

Dance For A Dream - Fund raiser event

SATURDAY, June 22nd, 2013 • 7pm-12am

“Our Porject, your Project”

Final Results of Fiesta Gaucha 2011

Like every year, and as a sign of a blessing from heaven, the hand of God touched each and everyone of the souls who said present to help Proyecto herencia de amor (legacy of love.)

My name is Esther Segovia, and together with my husband Luis Solivan and the officers of Projecto herencia de amor, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the sponsors who supported us in Fiesta Gaucha 2011 and to those who in spite of the economic crisis we are experiencing, were present to share and to support our cause; cause which without a doubt would be impossible to accomplish without you. More than 450 people savored the stake roast by Martín Fierro, number one in his field!

Artists like Jorge Peiró revived the tango; the youth group of AALA, Rudy Salar, Cesar Opazo, sang and danced the folklore to its maximum expression; dance contests for children and adults (with prize medals as reminders for the three first places,) entertained the crowd and of course, the typical "Truco" Championship, a very popular card game.  There were also draws for prizes donated by sponsors and generous participants. All adding and making it possible to continue with "our project, your project." sack races, (animated by Jorge Pareta), a jumper for children, swimming pool, simulator auto race and music to dance at all times (with a great dance floor), complemented the diversity of options available during the event. The sale of "facturas" and "empanadas" not only Argentinian but also Chilean could not be missed to accompany the early mate, offered by well-known restaurant Rincón Chileno, who year after year supports the project. A spacious and clean area made everyone feel comfortable enough to even assemble a game of the beloved soccer ball.

Once more, the Fiesta Gaucha was a success. The children of Mercedes, Argentina, are proud of you and your effort to continue providing this contribution which means a better future for them. The total raised on this day was $23,500.

Acomplisments in 2010

In the course of the year 2010 investments were made to prepare the property belonging to the Foundation in Mercedes, in the province of Buenos Aires. A gate of considerable proportions was put in place to allow the entrance of big construction vehicles, and the purchase of a loan mower of 6-½-horse power motor. But with the arrival of the directors of the Project, Esther Segovia and Luis Solivan, the construction of the pre-school, cafeteria and sports center was resumed.

As a first step the platform for the house keeper’s home was installed, followed by the foundation, and the walls. The rest of the construction to be continued in the following months under the supervision of the local administrators: Maria de Los Angeles Lertora and Alberto Pucheta.

The enclosure of the cafeteria was also finished and a portion of the area was assigned to the storage of building materials already purchased.

As far as the appearance of the property a land surveyor was hired to inspected and a design was developed for the park and trees that will accompany the premises.



-CHILDREN'S DAY with Super Heroes

In August of last year for the second year in a row, it was celebrated the “CHILD’S DAY” with the ‘

“Super Heroes making an appearance accompanied by TV celebrities. They walked around in the streets greeting the children and announcing the beginning of the festivities.

The event lasted 2 ½ hours in which time everyone enjoyed musical numbers, a show by the clown Pelambre: “ bringing a revolution of happiness all over the world”. It is important to point out the collaboration of local institutions such as “El Negro Olmedo” a theatrical organization, and the Hospital Blas Dubarry, represented by the Director, Dr. Rodolfo Principi, who also donated a medicine chest for the Project. As always the event was ended with a luncheon and gifts for all the children present.


On December 26, for the second year in a row, the

event “Christmas In The Barrio” took place. On a typical sled and accompanied by the traditional group El Bagual, Santa Claus went around the barrio inviting all the children to the party. Approximately 300 children were greeted with a musical show, mimes, and a living manger, represented by local youth from the church International Christian Church. After the luncheon Santa Claus and members of the committee gave the gifts to the children who were elated with the experience. One more time this labor of love created a wonderful day to which so many added their effort through out the year.